Wish You Started A Year Ago?

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Ironically first blog post back is referencing new starts 😊

Imagine where you’d be now if you started your fitness journey back when you first thought about it. How long ago was it? Where would you be now? How close would you be goals?

Be it a year ago, 4 year ago, 6 months ago. If you started then… How close?

Would you have the body or titles you were chasing. Whether your goals were for body composition or achievements in competitions. If you started back then, would you have smashed it by now, or at least be close to smashing it?

Patience & consistency are key to your fitness goals… Everything from fat loss, gains, to building strength or endurance.

We expect results overnight, or at least as quick as a week or two. We’re constantly on the lookout for the latest fad or the next ‘quickest way to…’ programme.

What generally happens is, we see results pretty soon, and start to feel good in ourselves, and we become a little cocky thinking we don’t need to keep at it as much, and we become complacent, and we slowly stop seeing results and then give up… just like that. It’s not for me, why waste my time?

No matter what your goals are, stick it out… if you slip, you slip, fair enough. Just get back on it.

Keep at it, time will pass anyway. You’ve got to trust the process.

If you don’t start today, next year you will be wishing you did 😊


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I love this ❤️ 🙌

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