The Biggest Loser Approach

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The Biggest Loser approach

Extreme and Unrealistic?


The popularity of the biggest loser and programs alike have a lot of us believing that we’ve got to go ridiculously hard or go home. Hit it full on, attack our bodies with several hours of workouts / activities a day, along with an extreme calorie restriction.

Are we even trying if we’re not falling from the treadmill or bike to lie on the floor crying or puking.

For many of us, this approach is setting us up for failure. Realistically, changing our approach to food & fitness so harshly sets us up to crash… and crash hard. Shocking our bodies with intense workouts & extreme calorie restrictions can be quite dangerous to our health.

Especially attempting this alone, not under the watchful eye of trainers & medical personnel as they have on these shows. How are we to succeed with our approach to this style of training and eating. These unrealistic shows teach us nothing about health & fitness. The below excerpt may as well read ‘Don’t try this at home because…..’   

“Our contestants were supervised by doctors while participating in the show, and their diet and exercise regimen was tailored to their medical status and their specific needs. Consult with your own doctor before embarking on any diet or exercise program”

We haven’t got someone monitoring our workouts twice a day and a dietician / nutritionist stocking up our fridge. We have the temptation of ‘normal’ food in our kitchen, especially if we live in a busy household.

Don’t be so hard yourself. Don’t try too much too soon, take small gradual steps. Even if it’s one change a week, it’s a stepping stone 😊                    Make an adjustment to your lifestyle once a week or every two weeks… and before you know it, you’ve made an entire lifestyle change over the year and you’ll be healthier fitter version of yourself

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