Staying on Track While on Holidays

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Holidays for some is a chance to get away for a week or two and let off some steam, to take a well needed rest from training and macro counting and enjoy every moment, and some of us want to stay on track, or at least somewhat on track and still enjoy every moment!

Whether you’re letting loose, or staying adherent to your goals, you know you’ll do right by you, and what is needed for your body, and goals… and still enjoy your hols 🙂


Staying on track while abroad can be easy, once you’re prepared, so I’ll share with you how I stay (somewhat) on track while away from home.

If you’re not staying in a hotel with a gym, a simple search on Google Maps will show you almost every gym in the surrounding area of  where you’re staying.



Majority of gyms these days have day passes (fingers crossed for those free trial passes) but you could be expected to pay a small fee for a guest pass.

While online, check out the gym facilities to make sure they’re equipped with what you need, and you’re not rocking up to an overheated shed with a few cardio machines…. I’m not knocking cardio, but you’re away from home, get out and enjoy the sights and views of another city.

Remember to check out hotels in the area too, see which of those have gyms, send a quick email asking can you access while you’re holiday as the place you’re staying hasn’t got a gym.


Bringing resistance bands & suspension training straps with you is also a great idea, get your workout done in your accommodation, or head to the beach or park!


Restaurants / Eateries

Online menus are becoming more popular across the world, so there’s a pretty good chance you can check out what restaurants have to offer before you leave your hotel room / Villa / Apartment

Knowing what’s plotted around you makes it so much easier to plan your food for the day.

If you have a kitchenette where you’re staying, great… it’s even easier to stay on track by hitting the local supermarkets.

I also bring some Whey to make sure I’m hitting my protein intake daily, and my fave snacks.

Remember to stay hydrated and get some rest


Whether you’re walking 5 mile long beaches, hiking up mountains, or running around a city sight-seeing or shopping, staying active while on hols is quite easy!


Whatever you plan to do…. Just have fun 🙂 

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