Foods That Make You Fat

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Click bait title 😊

Good news is, there is not one food that will make you ‘fat’
Bad news is, any food in excess can make you ‘fat’

Let’s say you have a daily calorie requirement of 2000kcals, and you overate by 300kcals, be it with Watermelon or Chocolate, you are still putting yourself in a 300-calorie surplus. If you did that every day for a week, that’s another whole day worth of calories (8 days of kcals in 7)
And eating in a calorie surplus is going to cause weight gain. It’s as simple as that… so weather it’s labelled ‘good food’ or ‘bad food’ it has the same effect on weight loss/gain. A calorie is a calorie!

Obviously, certain foods are more nutritious than others. Fruit & Veg will always trump chocolate & crisps in nutrition… but if you prefer 300 kcals of chocolate over 300 kcals of fruit, then go for it, once it fits into your daily calorie requirements (and goals)


BTW, I hate the term ‘Fat’ for describing someone’s physical appearance.
Fat is a Macro-nutrient, not a person…. You are not a macro-nutrient… you wouldn’t call someone a carb.

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