Find Your Best Fit

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So often I’m asked ‘What’s best for weight loss? Weights or cardio?’

My answer will forever remain the same…. Whatever it is you enjoy most.

Find what suits you best, what you enjoy, and you’ll be sure to stick to it.

Finding motivation can be hard enough, so if you dreed heading to the gym to do what you’re told to do by society, you won’t keep at it.

Don’t listen to those saying dump the cardio & pick up a weight, or vice versa… You listen to yourself, you find what you like to do. Just get started.

So, if you love the whole cardio bunny thing,

pound the s**t out of that treadmill.

If you love swimming,

stick on your verruca socks & get in lane.

If you love lifting weights,

wrap up, belt up & Hulk smash.

If you love boxing,

you float like that beautiful butterfly you were destined to bee 😉

And if you love bootcamp,

let that drill Sargent spit in your face as he demands 100 more burpees.

Whatever it is… do it with enjoyment, it’s the one sure thing to keep you at it 😊

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OMG Im that weirdo that loves bootcamp. I need someone shouting at me. I would recommend bootcamp for anyone lacking motivation. it’s a kick up the a**

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