Exercise To Lift / Firm Your Breasts?

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Boob Exercises, Really?

Why Exercise Won't Lift / Firm Breasts

By Janice Green

Ladies, unfortunately, there is no such thing (don’t shoot the messenger)

Boobs aren’t muscle, it’s mostly fat tissue, and no amount of training or healthy eating is going to do any ‘firming’ to fat tissue, …. You may lose some fat tissue alright, but tone/firm?…. Hell Nah! I wish. Not only for my own boobs, but I’d make a fair few bob from a ‘Perk-yer-boobs’ class… Imagine that turn out!

No amount of chest flyes or chest presses or press up’s will give your sagging boobs a lift.

Infographics like these are total BS…

Chest exercises will most definitely strengthen your pecs, but trying to grow them to the size or Arnies won’t change the fact you have sagging skin & fatty tissue in front.

Back & shoulder exercises may improve your posture; therefore you stand better, and boobs appear perkier that way, maybe… but that’s about it.

Commit to a full body training program for overall health & fitness, and save yourself weeks of chest exercises in the hope of improving one area of your body.

 So while I have your attention about boobs, October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, be sure to give them a feel & check, and encourage you family & friends too also… to their own boobs, obvs 😉 

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