Can’t Grow Calves?

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By Janice Green

Your calves won’t grow? Have you tried training them?

Honestly, how often do you train calves?

Are you really going to use the ‘it’s genetics’ excuse when you kinda don’t train them?


Throwing in 2 exercises, at the end of your leg session, that you only do once a week, isn’t going to do a whole lot, to be fair.

And sure, If I only curled once a week with that approach, I wouldn’t have guns to show 😊

The ‘appearance’ muscles of the calves are the Gastrocnemius (the belly of the calf) & the Soleus (behind the belly and runs down to heel)

  • To hit the Gastrocnemius – standing calf exercises
  • To hit the Soleus – Seated calf exercises

So, what should you do?

  • I’d recommend you hit them 2-3 times a week, 2-3 sets on 2 exercises, is a pretty decent start (eg. 2 sets of 2 exercises 3 times a week, or 3 sets of 2 exercises twice a week)
  • Control the reps, don’t just bounce on your tippy toes. A slow tempo on both eccentric & concentric of the movement, and a pause at the top with a good contraction & pause at the bottom with a good stretch. On your third set, you can up the tempo, keep the contraction throughout the movement and drop the pause, I’d recommend a drop set here.
  • Variety is key… Be sure to mix it up; exercises, slow tempo, fast paced, iso-holds, foot placements, single leg, drop sets etc
  • If struggling at the end of your workout to get through training calves, train them early on in your session – No excuses to skip & hit the showers.
  • Trust the process, keep at it, they will grow… eventually 😊 (and then you can be the one posting those memes to the ‘no calves bros’)

Train hard and smart, you’ll have them looking like bulls, never mind cows – Always aim to be better 😉

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