Exercise To Lift / Firm Your Breasts?

Boob Exercises, Really? Why Exercise Won’t Lift / Firm Breasts By Janice Green Ladies, unfortunately, there is no such thing (don’t shoot the messenger) Boobs aren’t muscle, it’s mostly fat tissue, and no amount of training or healthy eating is going to do any ‘firming’ to fat tissue, …. You may lose some fat tissue […]

The Biggest Loser Approach

The Biggest Loser approach Extreme and Unrealistic? By JANICE GREEN The popularity of the biggest loser and programs alike have a lot of us believing that we’ve got to go ridiculously hard or go home. Hit it full on, attack our bodies with several hours of workouts / activities a day, along with an extreme […]

Tips on Staying Motivated

Motivation can be fickle even at the best of times, below we will provide tips to ensure that your motivation never falters. Find a workout you enjoy, whether that’s Weight Training, Cardio, Dance class etc Visualise your end goal. Wake up every morning with a clear image of what you’re working towards Set weekly/monthly targets […]

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