Exercise To Lift / Firm Your Breasts?

Boob Exercises, Really? Why Exercise Won’t Lift / Firm Breasts By Janice Green Ladies, unfortunately, there is no such thing (don’t shoot the messenger) Boobs aren’t muscle, it’s mostly fat tissue, and no amount of training or healthy eating is going to do any ‘firming’ to fat tissue, …. You may lose some fat tissue […]

The Biggest Loser Approach

The Biggest Loser approach Extreme and Unrealistic? By JANICE GREEN The popularity of the biggest loser and programs alike have a lot of us believing that we’ve got to go ridiculously hard or go home. Hit it full on, attack our bodies with several hours of workouts / activities a day, along with an extreme […]

Can’t Grow Calves?

By Janice Green Your calves won’t grow? Have you tried training them? Honestly, how often do you train calves? Are you really going to use the ‘it’s genetics’ excuse when you kinda don’t train them? Logic Throwing in 2 exercises, at the end of your leg session, that you only do once a week, isn’t […]

FREE Self-Defence Classes for Women with SBG Ireland

MMA coach John Kavanagh has introduced free BJJ Self-Defence classes for women. Every Saturday at 11am, SBG Ireland welcome women of all ages to take part in practicing self-defence, at their SBG HQ on the Naas Road. Such an amazing generous offer from John & all at SBG. Pop in one of the mornings to […]

Pharrell x Adidas

A few picks from the Pharrell Williams Adidas Originals Collection!         The Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Shoe “These signature shoes have a sock-like fit in breathable mesh. Finished with a grid-patterned EVA midsole, they feature pops of colour on the rubber outsole inserts”         A few more items from Pharrell’s […]

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